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About Us

TM Grace Builders Team


The TM Grace Team is the reason for the successes that have been experienced and as well as the reason for the pleasant experience you will have with TM Grace Builders,Inc. With our team TM Grace provides professional general contracting services for both commercial and residential projects. We carry all the necessary licenses and insurance allowing us to work throughout the Denver Metro area. We are a true Design and Build Turn-Key Builder providing services from pre-construction to move in! Some of our areas of expertise include: Large Additions, Ground Up Construction, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels, Basement Remodels, Complete Renovations and Tenant Finish for commercial space as well as specialty projects for The Denver Zoo.

Tony Shafer, AIA - President/Architect


A 1999 graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder School of Environmental Design and a 2001 graduate of University of Colorado at Denver Architecture Masterís Program, Tony is a licensed Architect in the state of Colorado and is responsible for the design and general project coordination of all T.M. Grace Builders, Inc. projects. Tony also holds all necessary state and city contractors licenses for the company. He has been recognized by the Denver Post for his talent in restoring historic homes, and has earned a high regard from past clients. From initial feasibility studies to final construction drawings, Tony oversees all aspects of the design phase as well as estimating, scheduling, and project accounting. Along with his architectural qualifications, Tony also brings nearly 20 years of construction experience to the team as the owner/operator of TM Grace Builders, Inc.

Michael Ferrini


Michael works as the Construction Manager over our construction crews. His efforts ensure the high quality of execution of T.M. Grace Builders, Inc. construction projects that our customers expect and have become accustomed to. His crews assist in site preparation and building structures for our residential projects. Their activities see them on our many construction sites performing a variety of tasks. The goal of his crew's participation on our team is to remove those impediments that inevitably crop up as projects progress. These important activities include demolition, site preparations, field installation, and maintenance, all of which creates a smooth flow throughout the entire construction process.

Bailey Hancock


Bailey works as the Office Manager for T.M. Grace Builders, Inc. She brings years of career experience working in and around retail and construction. Her experiences bring a high level of understanding and wisdom in her interactions with our customers, suppliers, and vendors. Her presence on the team provides a ready assistance to any that may visit or call into our offices. Voice mail tag is not a game our callers will have to play when contacting our office. She is particularly helpful in assisting our clients during the design and selection process of their build. Bailey joins our clients as they visit the many supporting show rooms for material and equipment selections.

Mallory LeFebre


Mallory is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Bachelorís Degree of Science in Architecture. As an Architectural Assistant, Mallory helps with the design phase for T.M. Grace Builders, Inc. She prepares the necessary construction drawings and specifications lists for all job requirements. Those include submissions for soil testings, building engineering and permit applications. Additionally, she works to help clients visualize their projects through creating full color renderings for their review. For some customers it is hard for them to visualize what a house or room will look like from a two dimensional line drawing on a construction plan or print. Full color renderings allow clients to see their projects come to life. All of her preparation work making construction drawings and detailed specification books keep the project on point, on time, and in budget.

Camden Welch


Camden attends Metropolitan State University Denver as a business major, and is Administrative Intern for T.M. Grace Builders, Inc. His primary responsibilities include preparing monthly financials as well as analyzing job costs by job to ensure that all projects are brought in under budget.It is tempting for some construction companies to be focused on the act of construction itself and leave the other administrative and record keeping efforts to a minimum. The better construction companies are disciplined and maintain a focus on accurate data collection and retention. His efforts allow TM Grace Builders to maintain the companies data records to be fully accountable and visible to clients in our weekly/monthly tracking meetings.